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2019 NC Ride Entry

Open Division Rides

All horse and rider teams must follow AERC rules regarding eligibility to enter the Open Division rides. Riders do not need to meet the National Championship qualifications to compete in the Open Division 35, 50, 65 and 100 mile rides.

Championship Qualifications

Qualifications for the National Championship Rides:

All entries must meet AERC qualification criteria:

A) All entrants must be current full members of AERC

B) All riders must ride in the declared weight division

C) Riders will be eligible to participate in this event by qualifying under the AERC-NC criteria defined as follows:

50-mile ride: 300 lifetime miles (horse) AND 300 lifetime miles (rider), with at least 100 miles together. The mileage requirements must be met with endurance competitions of 50 miles or more only -- no limited distance miles count towards qualification criteria.

100-mile ride: 500 lifetime miles (horse) AND 500 lifetime miles (rider), with at least one 100 mile, one-day ride together or completion of a Pioneer ride together. The mileage requirements must be met with endurance competitions of 50 miles or more only -- no limited distance miles count towards qualification criteria.

Alternate qualification (either distance): If the horse and rider team has completed together 1,000 AERC endurance miles (rides 50 miles or more only) they are qualified to enter.

Additional Alternate qualification, approved by the AERC board 4/15: All horse and rider teams who completed the previous year in the Top 10 overall standings in their region will be qualified to ride in either the 50 or 100 mile distance.

D) It is the RM’s responsibility to validate the eligibility of each entry via the AERC records website.  In the case of entries that are submitted that are in conflict with the AERC records website, the RM and the AERC will work together to validate these entries.

To view your Ride History, click here or phone the AERC office, 866-271-2372.


Rider List

Rider List  We will frequently update the rider lists. Occasionally, we will feature a new rider from the lists in our Profile series.


General Ride Rules and Age Requirements:

  • All AERC rules apply to the Open and Championship riders.
  • For the one day 100 mile ride, equines must be at least 72 months old.
  • Equines must be at least 60 months old for the 50 and 65 mile rides.
  • For limited distance, equines must be at least 48 months old.

California Department of Food and Agriculture:

  • Horses entering California through border stations - Border station personnel are required to document all horses crossing into California. This includes California horses returning to California. Thus, all horse trailers are required to stop at the border station crossings to provide destination information and required entry documentation. To facilitate prompt, efficient transition through the station, an Equine Only – California Entry Documenthas been developed. This document can be completed in advance and provided to the border personnel for verification. Equine Only – California Entry Document

Fairground Rules:

  •       Haul out your own trash.
  •       Dogs must be on a leash.
  •       Do not walk horses onto grassy areas or outside of the livestock area.
  •       Do not sit or set equipment on the livestock pens.



Ride Results

Results have been posted on this website and are official but will not be final until they are published via AERC.